Global Concerns - 4- Poverty & Marginalisation

1. With ‘help' from politicians, governments and corporations, vast inequality now keeps billions of people under-nourished. The tiny global political and economic elite are pushing most of the world into greater poverty and marginalisation.

2. This elite's actions and inactions are keeping child malnutrition ‘normal’ and permanent in some parts of the world, as they have done for decades. Major food crises recur frequently (e.g. in Africa) - even though we know how to prevent them.

3. According to UNICEF (in several reports since 2012) 19,000 children die EVERY DAY from preventable diseases. This is unforgivable. Can you remember where you were and what you were doing yesterday at exactly this time ? ...19,000 preventable deaths of children, since then...

4. Economic inequality has reached obscene levels in many parts of the world. It is far too great and increasing, even in the world's supposedly most ‘developed’ democracies and richest countries.

5. The neoliberal rich and wealthy and their supporters in politics demonise Tax (but pay very little themselves). They also demonise International Aid (which Tax pays for) which could help poorer countries to progress and develop - e.g by providing health and education services.

6. They also systematically demonise the poor and needy in their own countries, often using press or media which they own or control. Have those media ever brought to your attention the 19,000 children dying each day from preventable diseases (see above) ?

7. In many countries around the world there are political parties who also demonise and marginalise all groups of the poor, and they deepen and extend poverty itself through their political policies and choices. On the international stage they denigrate nation-building and improvements in democratic governance, when even simple measures could benefit billions of people around the world.